4 Excellent Mass Mailing Applications (April, 2014)

by Sarah on May 2, 2014

Mass emailing is an online marketing technique that has been around as long as sending emails have, but does it work? After all we’ve all had our inboxes filled with emails from companies we perhaps aren’t interested in or don’t remember signing up to. That being said, the simple answer is; yes, it does work. Epsilon estimated that roughly half of an email list will be active, this means the recipient will open or click on the email. Considering this, while mass emailing isn’t 100% effective, you can still aim for a high proportion of people to see and read your emails and hopefully become new customers. Mass emailing is effective, quick and comes at a very low cost, so in many ways it’s the perfect marketing technique! Now lets take a look at 4 top mass mailing services:

1. Atomic Mail Sender ($79.85)

An excellent bulk email sender, some of it’s features include

  • Unlimited number of email addresses on your mailing list

  • Unlimited frequency of emails

  • Use as many servers as you have access to

  • You can limit the delivery to only one domain to avoid the possibility of being blacklisted

  • You can use proxies

  • You only purchase once, no hidden costs

  • You can use custom DNS codes.

This mass emailing software is very professional and the company provides good customer support which is easy to access through their website. Just to prove the point, heres a review by a buyer “The Software is excellent and full of latest feature,above all the support team is very kind and helping.” Hope this is an honest review.

  1. MaxBulk Mailer ($59.90)

  • Allows you to design professional looking emails as well as send them

  • contains tools that give you tips on how to increase your profits and put in those extra little details into your emails that could help increase your business influence.

  • works for Windows and Mac

  • You only purchase once, again, no hidden costs.

  • allows you to include graphics, colors and fonts in your mails making them look very professional

  1. Sendblaster (Free)

Just because a software if free, doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t an excellent, useful tool that can be utilized in the same way as the more pricy ones, perhaps without a few of the extra features. That being said, how much you want those extra few features is up to your discretion. Features include:

  • user friendly, easy to learn in only a few short minutes

  • create and save databases of email addresses to send them out

  • You can one-click unsubscribe to senders

  • you can crop images and replace programmable tags

  1. e- Campaign (Free to try, limited to 50 email addresses, or $149.95 to buy)

This is more expensive than the rest, and is largely due to how professional it looks and all of the extra features it contains, and there are quite a few, lets take a look:

  • Create unique and professional looking emails

  • Inbuilt help system, and excellent customer service available through their website, should you need more help.

  • One thing that may be seen as a negative is that you have to import addresses over from a previously compiled database that you have created. This is included to encourage you to save time and plan for the best results possible, but can be a bit irritating if you simply want to add a few extra email addresses to the list.

  • Extra features:

    • adding sound to your emails

    • performing mail merges

    • encoding messages is simple few click button action

    • adding graphics and fonts

Whitelist Yourself

One thing to be aware of if you’re going to mass email is that you can get blacklisted, here’s what you need know and how it all works:

How you can get blacklisted:

  1. If you have a residential IP

  2. If your address becomes linked to spam by several people marking it as such

How to whitelist yourself:

There are several ways you can whitelist yourself to ensure that even if some people mark your mail as spam, your ISP won’t be surprised by mass emails coming from your server.

You can register with whitelists such as:

  1. DNSLW: this is a volunteer run whitelist site

  2. AOL has a Whitelist

  3. Yahoo also does called “Yahoo’s Bulk Sender Program”

Concluding Thoughts

There are plenty of good quality mass emailing softwares out there, however, what separates the good from the great is really the user friendliness, the customer support, and the extra features, all of which these 4 contain. Customer support is a very useful tool to utilize if you’re struggling to get a grasp of something, maybe you need some extra advice, or something just doesn’t seem to be working, so purchasing software with good customer support is essential to ensure you’re safe all throughout your mass mailing journey. User friendliness is also essential, and is perhaps the thing that will stop you from having to contact customer support in the first place. You may not have to contact customer support if the software is easy to use even for a novice, with useful tutorials available to view either in the software or online.

Extra features can really help you spruce up your emails and make them look stylish and professional, drawing more customers in. That being said, if you don’t have the money to splurge on the more expensive options, and have a simple and effective email of your own that you simply want to mass distribute then the free option is still of a very high quality and works in much the same way as the others. It’s important to be aware of not being blacklisted, and be cautious of what you can do yourself to prevent this from happening, however many of these softwares also provide advice and preventative measures to stop this from happening.

So don’t waste any more time, get your email addresses out of your database and into action, landing in the inboxes of all of your new potential clients!

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